Christmas Onward

This will be the last recap post for Christmas. Around here, it is well and truly OVER. I hope.

Nana and Papa came over the day after Ane’s birthday for a Christmas get-together. We had had to cancel our Christmas Eve visit to them, since it was snowing heavily that day. So we had a nice, leisurely time on the 28th together.

That evening, we made the drive up to Snohomish to Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa’s house. Most of the roads had been plowed by then, but we took it very easy just the same.

Tad’s favorite gift by far that night – and the biggest hit – were his new Cars slippers.

He put them on and didn’t take them off until we made him put his shoes on to leave.

Baby Cousin decided that the Webmaster was a fun guy to hang out with, too.

And on New Year’s Day, we finally managed to get together with my aunts and uncles and cousins and have our traditional Japanese New Year’s feast, along with a belated Christmas celebration (it had been snowed out two weeks previously).

Ane and Little Cousin both got Disney hoodies from their great-aunt and great-uncle, which they loved posing in.

Tad spent the evening learning how to operate his new remote control car. He’d get it going forward and then start chasing it. We’re still working out the operational management details.

And THAT IS THE END. We’re going back to normal this week, weather permitting. It’s snowing again here, but it’s going to be too warm for anything to really accumulate – though it does make for slick roads and trees down and possible school delays. I’m watching and waiting right now, but Tad’s bag is all ready by the door for this morning, right down to his show-and-tell item in the backpack (his little plush WALL-E doll). It’s an act of faith on my part. They’re ready to be back in school. I’m ready to send them back to school. And I am VERY ready for a normal Seattle winter – rain, rain, and more rain. Snow is so 2008.

One Response to “Christmas Onward”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    January 5th, 2009 08:14

    That’s a Lewis County winter too and I am ready also.
    Cute pictures and you have got to be celebrated out!