Two-thirds right

Which is not bad, huh?

And Tatiana knew she was out as soon as it was just her and Danny left. It was almost anti-climactic at that point. If you want to “up” the drama, Danny should have been announced first of the three finalists, since he was the most definite lock. At least they’re not making the losers sing after being eliminated this season. That always seemed like cruel and unusual punishment.


In other news, Ken Griffey Jr. is a Mariner again! Who would’ve thunk it??? It will be VERY interesting to see him be on the same team as Ichiro. Bottom line, the move is a feel-good one, and the M’s need all the morale boost that they can get.


I’m still pounding out cards here. Got a camp on Saturday to do. Fortunately, my last two stamp sets should be arriving today, so I can stick to my original game plan. *whew*


And the weather continues to be sunny around here. I took Auntie out to lunch with the kids yesterday after Ane got out of school. Auntie attended the same preschool, so she had fun picking Ane up. Of course, as soon as Ane saw her, she squealed, “Auntie!!!”

“What am I, chopped liver?” I complained – much to the amusement of the other parents.

“Hi, Mommy!” Ane responded.

After lunch at Red Robin (which Auntie and I figured we needed since we’re sure that Grandma has eaten at Cracker Barrel by now), we all went for a walk to the pet store and the grocery store, where the kids scored their usual free cookie from the bakery. It was so nice and sunny that I almost let the kids out of their coats – but then Tad had a temper tantrum about holding hands in the parking lot (again), so we ended up going straight back to the car. I let Auntie drive my minivan back to her house. She’s been driving my parents’ minivan quite a bit, so she’s familiar with the differences between car and van. Initially, she was worried that Ane would react badly to her being in the driver’s seat.

Ane, however, turned into a total cheerleader for her. “Go, Auntie! Hurray for Auntie – she’s DRIVING! You’re doing a good job! Yay!” It was really cute, and now Auntie wants Ane to ride with her all the time for the moral support.

It must be nice to be the cool aunt. I know that it’s fun being the cool sister.

2 Responses to “Two-thirds right”

  1. Ressis
    February 19th, 2009 07:05

    Excuse me? You think YOU are the cool sister? Sure, you let Auntie drive, but that’s all you’ve got going for you. Why don’t you ask her, without threats, which one of us is her favorite?

  2. Aunt Lynda
    February 19th, 2009 09:04

    There were 3 of us too! And I got to be the oldest and sometimes cool.
    I understand Griffey’s knees are so bad, he will only pitch-hit against right-handed pitchers. (Or was it left?) But anyway, I’d love to see him at 39, 30 years after I saw him and his dad both hit homers in the ‘Dome once. That was fun!
    And Idol; I was crazy about Michael, but didn’t think he stood a chance. 2 of 3 here too.