Where is Tad?

Is he napping in his bed?

Empty Bed


Where is he sleeping?

Asleep in the glider

Yes, he put himself there. No, I didn’t move him. After about an hour and a half of sleeping in the glider, he woke up crying – probably with an amazing crick in his neck – and then crawled back into his bed to go back to sleep.

Tad has been very anti-bed for the last couple of months. He wakes up in the middle of the night and moves out of his bed. Initially, he started climbing in with the Webmaster and me – until we nipped that in the bud. You are four years old, boy, and you do NOT belong in our bed. End of story.

But he still wasn’t staying in his bed. We wake up almost every morning (probably 6 days out of 7 in a week) to find Tad curled up on the couch, underneath his favorite blue fleece Tigger “blunkly” (seen above) with his bunny (hidden under the “blunkly” above).

I find it rather odd that he would rather sleep on the couch – I think the bed is more comfortable, though the couch is is plenty comfy – but I’m not fighting it. He’s not waking us up, and he’s going back to sleep. It’s not like he’s staying up to watch TV. Our only problem is the lights he turns on to see, because he doesn’t turn them back off. I dread seeing our electric bill.

The only problem now is, where do I put the Webmaster? I’m KIDDING. I’m just putting the pillow over his face nowadays to block out the snoring.

Anyway, Tad knows he has to stay in his room for naps, as much as he may try to tuck himself in on the couch instead. But this is the first time that he didn’t actually fall asleep in his bed and opted for the glider instead.

At least take a pillow next time, kid.

2 Responses to “Where is Tad?”

  1. Ressis
    October 6th, 2009 10:47

    He’s so cute on the glider! Little Cousin loves her bed, even more so after we moved, I think she was just glad to have her bed back, but Oddball has found her in the middle of the night with her legs off the bed and her torso on.

  2. Oddball
    October 6th, 2009 18:51

    Simple solution to get him to stay in the his room, try a sleeping bag on the floor maybe. If not watch out because I had a friend whose parents would find him in the bath tub.