Tad Speaks – dessert edition

One of the most basic rules of the house is that if you don’t eat dinner, you don’t get dessert. Not that we have dessert every night, mind you. But when we have company, something generally makes an appearance by the end of the evening.

On Sunday, we had a full house. Friend, Doc and the boys, plus Best Babysitter, and Juliet and Auletta of Girl With Flat Hat, who were visiting from out-of-town. And Tad was just beginning to get over the obnoxious part of being sick – the “cater-to-me” attitude. So did HE want dinner? No!

This came back to bite him at dessert. I had made a pan of brownies (batter stirred by Friend while I got dinner on the table), and we had ice cream to go with it. And everyone had some… except Tad.

He came to the table, looked around, and said, “Mama, where my ice cream?”

“You don’t get any, buddy. You didn’t eat your dinner.”

He gave me a sad, incredulous look. “But I like choc-it.” (His word for chocolate.)

“Sorry, Tad. No brownie and ice cream for you.”

Life’s full of hard lessons like that. The fun part is that he can now whine about it.

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