I really don’t know what to write about today. Auntie says I should be writing about my issues about my age – I don’t have any, but she thinks I should because HER birthday is this coming Friday, which makes me OLD. Auntie is going to be seventeen. When I was seventeen, she turned three and she thought it was hilarious to go into stores with me and call me “Mom,” because she knew it ticked me off… and people believed her.

There are actually less years between Auntie and Ane (just under 11 years) then there are between Auntie and me (14 years). Ane has never tried the “Mom” joke, mostly because I don’t think it’s ever occurred to her, and because most people would assume that Auntie is Ane’s older sister. They certainly bicker enough sometimes to be. And as Auntie pointed out, “Ane is tall for her age and I’m short.”

The really sad part is when I’m out with Auntie, Ane and Tad… and people assume that all three of them are mine. The worst time was at Ane’s birthday party two years ago, when an employee of the inflatable bouncy place we were at assumed Auntie, Ane, Tad AND Little Cousin were all mine… because she thought Tad and Little Cousin were twins. And Grandma and Ressis (who was holding an infant Baby Cousin) were standing right there.

Maybe I do have issues. But if I do, they are all Auntie’s fault.


Tad keeps bringing me his flashlight and asking me to “fick” it. He doesn’t realize that he wore out yet another pair of batteries in less than 2 days, and we just aren’t going to replace them for a while.

He also keeps asking me to draw sharks on his DoodlePro for him. But I can only draw the outline. Then he takes it from me and fills in the details – eyes, gills, tiger shark stripes, etc. The last time I drew a “complete” shark, he got mad at me and erased the whole thing, then watched me like a hawk and snatched it away once I got far enough.


Today is the kindergarten parents’ turn to do a Teacher Appreciation Lunch at Ane’s school. Guess who is taking a Crock Pot to school today for the lunch? Three guesses as to what’s in it and the first two don’t count.


We’ve started DVRing Jeopardy! and then watching it after the kids have gone to bed. We zip through all the commercials this way, plus then we don’t have Ane yelling, “You need to give me the ANSWER, Mom!” before the clue is over… because she wants to “answer” at the same time the contestants do.


We are now on a one-a-day limit on Yoda. The Webmaster bought The Essential Weird Al and burned a copy for the car. I now have a constant chorus of “Yoda, yo yo yo yo Yoda” going from Tad. Cute as it is, I refuse to listen to the song more than once in the car in the course of the CD.


And that’s my life right now… aside from Rerun practicing his ninja moves. The Webmaster was watching my belly shift during church yesterday as he was jumping away in there and trying not to laugh. He’s an active little guy. Ane is trying to count down to his birth, and was rather miffed that I couldn’t be more specific on the date of his arrival. I promised her that he would be here by Easter – and as Easter this year is the first Sunday of April, that’s a promise I can keep.

4 Responses to “Hodgepodge”

  1. Ressis
    January 12th, 2010 06:16

    Go ahead and blame Auntie for everything that’s wrong. . . I still do.

  2. Juliet
    January 12th, 2010 06:21

    I went to get my in-laws’ Christmas tree with Auletta, my father-in-law, and two of my younger brothers-in-law (10 and 14). They thought Auletta was my FIL’s daughter, which I guess would make me his wife and the boys my kids? Weird.

  3. Laurie
    January 12th, 2010 08:38

    Crock pot beans. Duh. 🙂

  4. Grandma
    January 12th, 2010 17:58

    Just a reminder, Juliet. When I was your age I already had a 14 year-old, a twelve year-old, a nine year-old and another baby on the way! But even now I am mistaken for “mom” when I’m out with a pre-schooler. Kids keep you young – exercise, sunscreen, and a hip replacement help as well!