The Legos are coming…

Tad has finally gotten old enough to leave the world of Duplos (though he will still play with them) and entered the world of Legos.  Mostly because there aren’t Star Wars Duplos.

Though we have been doing some buying of Lego sets, most of them are stashed away for now.  I really do want Tad to be old enough to put them together, which he’s really not.  He’s old enough to play nicely with them, but actually putting everything together according to the instruction book is beyond him.  It’s not beyond Ane – she has spent plenty of time putting things together with the booklet in front of her.  Tad’s really more into the minifigures right now, anyway.

The other reason we don’t have a lot of Lego sets out right now is because we don’t have any good place to play with them except the kitchen table, and we use that to, well, EAT.

Still, playing with Legos does make us clean it off more often.

And the Legos have to STAY on the table.  If we train them for that now, there will be less likelihood of little pieces being eaten by Rerun.  Which is something I definitely do not need in my future.

It’s just nice that Tad has finally gotten to be old enough to play with them.  I see lots of play time with Legos coming up this summer!

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