My brain hurts

The one in my head.

I am tired of breaking up fights… of thinking of gluten free meals that Tad will eat… of Rerun waking up at 2 am… of there being so much noise that Rerun can’t nap properly… of breaking up even more fights…

So I am doing something about it.

Ane is going camping with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa for a night.  This is something she’s been wanting to do ever since she got a good look at their camper.  With her gone, I can do a little tidying up, because I won’t be breaking up fights or hearing whining about watching shark documentaries.

Then I will go shopping at Trader Joe’s again and hopefully get inspired by what’s on their shelves, so I can continue on with Tad’s diet.

Then we are getting the crib mattress from my parents’ house, and we are moving Rerun out of our room and into Tad’s.  That room, which has been in its current configuration for six and a half years, is going to be rearranged to fit the two boys.  Rerun may sleep better, and Tad certainly won’t sleep any worse.

Is it wrong that I’m counting down the days until school starts?

One Response to “My brain hurts”

  1. Ressis
    August 11th, 2010 09:53

    Nope, it’s not wrong; I’m doing the same thing. I’m also breaking up fights. Baby Cousin is a scrapper.