Let Him Eat Cake

Ane insisted that because it was Rerun’s birthday, he had to have some kind of cake.

This was in the middle of me making cupcakes for his class party.  Yes, you read that right.  Rerun is having a birthday party in Ane’s class.  He’s almost the class mascot, and Ms. V. and I thought it would be fun to have him celebrate his first birthday with Ane’s class.  After all, these kids have seen him once a week since October, and some of them were in Ane’s class last year and have seen him since he was the best show and tell EVER.

Anyway, I was making cupcakes, but I didn’t have any to spare and they weren’t out of the oven.  So Rerun had to make do with an orange pound cake muffin.  The poor child.  How he suffered.  Actually, it was probably quite a bit better than the funfetti cupcakes that are going to school today.

And Ane insisted on a candle.  The Webmaster got out the video camera, and we all sang Happy Birthday.  Tad sang it twice, so he could have his own solo.

Ane and Tad blew out the candle for him (a decision I made after Rerun tried to make a grab for it), and then we let him enjoy his orange pound cake muffin.  First he pounded it on his tray a few times.

Then he sampled it.

And he decided it was pretty good!

His brother and sister were thrilled.

(Please ignore the messy kitchen sink in the background and remember that I was making cupcakes, okay?)

His first bites of cake were a great success, and he made a proper mess out of himself.

In fact, he was so crummy and crumbly by the time he was done that I vacuumed him off before he got out of the highchair.  Seriously.  I had the hand held vacuum out to get the crumbs from all over the kitchen chair and decided that I may as well suck them all off him as well.  He found it interesting, but he’s not frightened by the vacuum cleaner, so it was just fine with him.

I am sure that we will have even more mess today in class, when frosting will be involved.

One Response to “Let Him Eat Cake”

  1. linda
    March 9th, 2011 08:39

    At least the cupcake cleaned up much easier than Missy’s first Birthday bowl of chocolate pudding!
    What a mess!!! She went straight to the tub!
    Rerun and his sibs are just Gorgeous!