A special day

Tomorrow, my oldest niece, our sweet Little Cousin, turns 6 years old.

With all of my heart, I wish she was here, so I could hug her.  I can’t believe that she’s really turning 6… which also means that Tad will be 6 in just a couple of months.  (Tad also has his first loose tooth, which I also cannot believe.  Ressis, you’d better check Little Cousin’s teeth.)

Happy birthday, Little Cousin – you are so loved, and we miss you so much!

And here’s a very cute picture of Ane and Little Cousin from around Tad’s first birthday…

They look so little, don’t they?

2 Responses to “A special day”

  1. Oddball
    June 3rd, 2011 04:47

    It is hard to believe that my first born is 6, time has gone by so fast. Even faster when my work keeps me away so often.

  2. Ressis
    June 3rd, 2011 08:40

    They were so little! I can’t believe how short Little Cousin’s hair is and I love Ane’s stoic expression. We miss you guys, too. Little Cousin especially misses Ane. And Little Cousin’s teeth are still firmly in place, we were at the dentist last week.