Time Off

I’ve decided to give up my gallbladder for Lent.

(Ha ha ha)

Anyway, today is the day, and prayers are definitely felt and appreciated.  I will have the Webmaster post an update if I can’t do it myself, but I probably won’t be blogging for the rest of this week.  If I do, it will be because the kids either said or did something hilarious, and I may or may not have a picture of it.

For example, Ane was trying to get Tad to respond to a joke on Sunday in the car.  She said, “Tad, what’s the opposite of up?”

“Silver!” he said triumphantly.

I think he said that just to mess with her joke.  He does know (most) opposites.  But there’s nothing so priceless as making your sister provide her own punch line.

One Response to “Time Off”

  1. linda
    February 21st, 2012 09:09

    Prayers and Love are always yours, Deanna.
    Quick and easy healing be yours, also!
    love from the two of us