The Batcave – um, Bedroom

One of the best things about the Great Room Swap (which was one of the smartest decisions that we ever made) was the space that Tad gained to play with his toys.  It also gives him the chance to close the door and play with his toys all by himself.

Here is how I found him recently:

I had gone in to put some laundry away, and he asked me to close the door when I left.  But I came back with the camera, because I wanted to get a picture of how he had spread out.

This is the Batcave that he got for Christmas, along with his Batmobile, and the various characters.  The bedroom is his own personal Gotham City.

It’s nice to be able to give him a little space, away from his brother and sister, and let him play in his own little world for a while, and know that he will be perfectly happy alone with his favorite toys.  It’s also nice to know that he will come out of that world to interact with the rest of us, when he’s had enough alone time.  It’s refreshingly typical.

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