A LEGO Batman Birthday

But they don’t make cards – or stamps – for that.

However, Grandma, Gichan, the Webmaster and I all combined our talents to make this LEGO Batman cake, which represents Tad’s favorite scene from the 1966 Batman movie.

The LEGO helicopter is up on a dowel, and stuck on with fondant.  We borrowed a LEGO ladder for Batman to dangle off of, and the shark is from a Playmobil set.

Tad was just over the moon about this cake.  It was the cake of his dreams.

The party went off well, with lots of food and presents.

Tad got some things that he had had on his list FOREVER, like LEGO sets…

and LEGO books…

… and a LEGO game.

It was a very LEGO Batman birthday.  And Tad impressed everyone with his ability to read the birthday cards aloud – even if he didn’t get everyone’s names right.

And finally, it was time for cake.

It was chocolate cake underneath all that fluffy frosting… which Tad adores.

His brother, who loves cake, agreed.

Toddler with frosting smeared on chest = successful party!

One Response to “A LEGO Batman Birthday”

  1. Aunt Mary
    August 20th, 2012 09:39

    You are amazing!!