Today is the day…

Time to try and find out what we are having!

I promise to tell everyone tomorrow.  Hopefully the baby cooperates.  Ane did not (which she seems to feel the need to apologize for now), but we got a look at her later in the pregnancy and knew she was most likely a girl.  There was no doubt with the boys.

And after a four-day weekend, the older two will FINALLY be back in school… just in time for half days to start on Thursday.  It’s parent-teacher conference time.  I don’t know if Tad’s teacher will be doing them, but I see her at least once a week right now when I pick him up on Fridays.  I will talk to Ane’s teacher on Monday… but the teacher wants the kids to be there.  I find it kind of strange, but this is one of the ways you can tell she’s a brand-new teacher – she wants the kids involved in everything.

Well, off to the ultrasound!

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