Reading to Mom

In our Sunday school class, we’ve really been pushing the “What’s in the Bible?” DVD series on the kids.  I think it’s great.  It’s like Sesame Street for the Bible.

Because he’s now learned so many of these stories, I’ve started having Tad read his old Beginner’s Bible to me.  While he can easily listen to more complex stories – the Webmaster has been reading The Action Bible to him for quite a while now – the actual text of the Beginner’s Bible is just a little harder than what he’s used to, which makes it perfect for him to read aloud.

He’s really enjoying the stories all over again, and because he’s become that much more familiar with them in a different format, he “gets” the stories even more in this format.  Although for the life of him, he could not pronounce “Goliath” two nights ago.  He kept saying “Gollum.”  Which was even funnier, considering he’s never read or seen The Lord of the Rings.

Tad is still transposing certain words – “was” becomes “saw” quite often – and still has difficulty with tenses.  He will constantly drop “ed”s at the end of past tense verbs, and will leave off ” ‘s” from proper nouns.  It’s amazing how dependent English is on these tiny little things.

Still, he’s making great progress, and it’s nice to have some reading time with him again (that isn’t homework), after letting the Webmaster read to him for so long.

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