Thumper Meets the Sharks

When we told Tad that we were going to stop on our way home from Nana and Papa’s house to see the sharks at the zoo, he was so happy that he mimed fireworks shooting out of his chest.  Seriously.

We got to the zoo at just about lunchtime, and it was a gloriously sunny day.

Mount Rainier from Point Defiance

Rerun was excited to be seeing more animals – and that he was able to go without the stroller again!

Rerun at the zoo

We first visited Ane’s favorite animals, the clouded leopards.  There is a new baby cub, but he was napping when we stopped by.

Sleeping clouded leopard cub

We also stopped to visit the zoo’s other “baby” – the Sumatran tiger cub.

Kali the tiger cub

Rerun then hitched a ride on his sister…

Ane and Rerun

… to go see the sharks!

Watching the sharks swim by

Thumper was trying to take it all in.

Thumper looks at the sharks

There was lots to see and do, and the zoo wasn’t too badly crowded for a sunny Sunday.

Sea otters!


Walking along together


Mommy and Thumper

However, the happiest person in the family to be there was definitely Tad.

Tad in the shark jaw wall

But when he was ready to go home, so were we.  It had been a long weekend.

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