A Visit to Nana and Papa

The Webmaster had his 20 year high school reunion party this weekend, which meant a trip down to Nana and Papa’s house for us.  It was also a chance for Thumper to meet his great aunts and uncle.

Thumper meets family


Thumper naps on family

The kids settled in (we were spending the night) and made themselves at home.

Rerun plays with his Daddy's old toys


Ane stares at her iPod


Tad works on a new coloring book

The reunion was small, and the older three stayed with Nana and Papa while the Webmaster and Thumper and I went to the party.  Convincing the kids to go to bed once we got back was a challenge, since Tad was convinced that we needed to head for home.  His father ended up sleeping next to him for part of the night.

Nana made the kids a pancake breakfast the next morning (the Webmaster and I got pancakes, too), and we thanked them for putting up with our crazy kids.  And then we piled into the car and headed for home… but we stopped at the zoo on the way.  And not just “the zoo”… but Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

In other words, SHARKS.

More tomorrow!

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