Pumpkin Time!

We carved the pumpkins at church last night.

The kids' pumpkins

I’m sure it’s fairly obvious which pumpkin belongs to which person.

Ane’s is the happy spider.  She thought about a cupcake design, but since I didn’t print one, she decided that she would just pick from the templates at church.  Little Mo went along for the fun, and the girls did all the tracing, but ran out of time to do the actual cutting.  So I took over and got it done.

Ane and her pumpkin

Ane and Little Mo

Tad had to be convinced to give his parents an easier time this year.  I had to talk him into a Dark Knight logo, instead of the full-out cartoon Batman he wanted on his pumpkin.  The Webmaster (who carved it) was grateful.

Tad and his pumpkin

Rerun wanted a Superman pumpkin.  And his mother is a sucker.

Rerun and his pumpkin

Since it’s Thumper’s first Halloween, we went with a traditional jack-o’lantern face.

Thumper and his pumpkin

The older boys liked Thumper’s pumpkin because we based the design off of the pumpkin face in “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”  (The one drawn on the back of Charlie Brown’s head.)

His first pumpkin

I’m sure they will all have a lot of fun today!  Pictures tomorrow!

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