Christmas Recap 2013 – part 2

The boys woke up at 5:45 on Christmas morning.  That was too early for me, so the Webmaster went into their room and told them to simmer down.  When Thumper finally woke up around 8 am, we went out to the living room to find the three older kids asleep, waiting for us (Tad was on the couch, Rerun and Ane on the floor with pillows and blankets).  Unfortunately, they all popped awake before I could grab the camera.

After getting one picture in front of the tree…

Christmas morning!

… it was time to open presents!

Stockings came first, and Thumper didn’t quite know what to do.

This is not for eating?

His siblings had no problem demonstrating how this worked.

Rerun opens his stocking

Tad flips through a sticker book

Ane models a shirt

Once the stockings were done, we put in a call to Ressis and Oddball over Skype to see their kids open the presents we had sent them, and for them to see our kids open their gifts.  Tad was stunned to find brand-new Batman Legos waiting for him.

Tad opens his Legos

Ane was over the moon about her new boots, picked out by Auntie Ressis.

So excited!!!

After our Skype call, we opened the presents under the tree.  We had a LEGO/superhero theme going this year, it seemed.

Nom nom nom Superman

LEGO Star Wars!

Rerun's big gift - a Superman playset

Tad's big gift - more Batman toys

Thumper was a little confused about it all, but found his gifts interesting.

This is a little overwhelming...

What do I do with it?

The boys were ready to bust open their toys and start playing, and they weren’t at all pleased to stop, get dressed, and pack up for Grandma and Gichan’s house.  The only thing that convinced them to do that was the fact that there were presents waiting over there.

So we took our annual “whole family in front of the tree” picture…

Christmas Day 2013

… and we were off!

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