Christmas Recap 2013 – part 5

We weren’t quite ready to give up on Christmas yet!  We finally made it over to Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa’s house for dinner and presents with them.

The kids pose for yet another picture

It was a quiet, laid-back evening… until Thumper got a present.

A baby piano!

Thumper loves this new toy… and so do his brothers.  Honestly, sometimes I find them fighting over it, and I wonder why they need new toys when they love playing with baby ones… (but I digress)

Each of the older boys got a new Star Wars Angry Birds game… which they ABSOLUTELY HAD TO PLAY WITH IMMEDIATELY.

More Star Wars Angry Birds!

And Ane was thrilled to get some American Girl accessories off her wish list.

Doll sunglasses!

She also got this sweet Precious Moments Nativity tableau – which Great-Grandma first thought played music, but on closer inspection, it just lights the star in the background.

Sweet little Nativity

And with that… Christmas had officially come to an end.

Happy little Christmas boy

Time to try and get back to real life!

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