Jersey Girl

Last year, when the Seahawks made it to the playoffs, I went shopping with Ane and bought T-shirts for her and Tad.  While she was happy about the shirt (and got one she liked even better later, while she was back-to-school shopping this last fall), she told me at the time that what she REALLY wanted was a jersey.

“Well, if they keep winning, I’ll think about it,” I said at the time.

They didn’t, and we moved on.

This year, we didn’t have to do any shopping to dress up for “Blue Friday” to support the Hawks, but Ane still had that jersey in her head.

And then they made it to the playoffs.  And then won the NFC Championship.

“Mom, I really want a jersey!  PLEASE???” she begged.

“If they win the Super Bowl, I will buy you a jersey,” I said.

Her jersey arrived in the mail today.  (We had to order it online to get the right color, number, and size.)

Ane, the 12th Man

The best part is that when she outgrows it, then Tad can wear it.  Then Rerun.  Then someday, Thumper.  Have to think long-term when you invest in a jersey.

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