Art is Tasty

Rerun is obsessed with coloring, drawing, dry erase boards… if he can write or color with it, he’s there.

I finally brought out the easel for him to play with.  It hasn’t been out for a long time, and it does eat floor space, so it can’t stay out.  And I broke out a package of dry erase crayons (which were technically Tad’s, but he doesn’t need to know that) and let Rerun go to town on it.  When he filled the whiteboard up, I had to clean it off and he couldn’t wait for me to finish.

Rerun colors while Thumper looks on

Thumper then got interested in the crayons.

Hmmm... this tastes interesting

In fact, he was so interested that he forgot that he should be holding on to the easel tray.  And that’s how I got this picture of him FINALLY standing alone!

Standing alone!

Then he tried eating the crayons in earnest.  Fortunately, Crayola makes them nontoxic.

Yummy Art

He was unsure of why I kept telling him to STOP EATING THAT.

What, Mom?

In fact, he thought the whole thing was the best fun EVER.

Cheese!  Look at my colorful teeth!

When Rerun isn’t using the easel, the crayons have to go up.  Because Thumper thinks they are snack food.

But I am glad that the easel is out – for now.  It will have to get put away later this week.  We have to start cleaning up around here for a party!

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