Standing and Not Liking It

Thumper CAN stand up on his own.  It’s just that he doesn’t LIKE to.

For example, if you stand him up and let go, you get a few seconds of standing before he lowers himself to the ground.

Thumper starting to drop to the floor

After three kids who were all anxious to walk (Ane took her first steps shortly after turning 9 months old, and Tad and Rerun both took their first steps at about 9 and a half-ish months), having an 11 month old Thumper who feels like this is an unnecessary accomplishment is really interesting.

He pulls himself up on furniture and people constantly, and he cruises along.  Maybe he feels that he’s plenty fast while crawling (and he is) and everything he wants to get at is always on top of something else, so why bother walking to it?

And we can always tell when he’s crawling with a toy or other item, because he has it tightly clenched in one hand and, depending on its size/hardness, we can hear it coming.

He’ll start walking soon enough.  I just find this very indicative of his laid-back nature.

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