Tad Speaks: Sharing the Good News of the Dark Knight

When we visited the park last week, it was heartening to see Tad running around with some boys and actually playing nicely with them.  They were younger than him, but obviously, he was behaving well enough to not weird them out or scare them off.

It also didn’t hurt that I was nearby, walking around with Thumper, keeping an eye on things.

Which meant that I was also present when Tad, while sitting on the carousel toy with these boys (and Ane and Thumper – I was doing the pushing, very slowly, for Thumper’s benefit) started talking to his new park friends in a very serious tone.

“Do you know about the Batcave?  What do you know about Batman?”

Now, while I knew this to be just Tad asking his new friends about his favorite subject in the world, he was talking like he was an evangelist trying to spread the Gospel of Batman.  His serious tone just about had me doubled over, howling in laughter.

The boys were staring at him with a “duh, who doesn’t know about Batman?” look on their faces, while Ane was rolling her eyes.

If there were Four Canon Laws of Batman in a little booklet (the old school Campus Crusade people who read this blog know what I’m talking about), Tad would carry one around with him.  Probably because it would have good pictures.  Though, to me, nothing will ever beat Tad’s version of the Batman origin story.

In the meantime, don’t let him talk to you about Batman.  You’ll never get a word in edgewise.


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