Good Fences

Back in January, this happened.


This was a large section of our backyard fence that, thanks to the passage of time and a big windstorm, got knocked over.  The Webmaster and the neighbors propped it back up, nailed some support planks in place, and shored it up with some of the loose wood, but we really needed to just have a new fence built.

However, our neighbors moved this summer, which meant that we were going to have to talk to new neighbors about replacing the fence.

Fortunately, the new neighbors are very nice, and plans were made to get a new fence put up.

Last week, that finally happened.  The old fence was taken away, new posts were placed and secured with concrete, and then a new fence went up once the concrete was dry and had cured a little.

New fence!

The backyard still smells like fresh-cut cedar.  We also had a new gate installed on this side of the house.

And on the up side, we no longer have to worry about the kids knocking the fence over, or another windstorm taking the fence down (unless we have some kind of freak tornado) for a very, very, VERY long time.

And good fences make for good neighbors.

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