Rerun Speaks: Who Am I?

Rerun is still getting all the family relationships figured out in his head.  He keeps referring to Thumper as his “friend” (which I’m okay with – maybe he’ll treat a friend more nicely than a brother), but he also says to me, “Mom, you’re my best friend.”

(Things get even weirder around here when Rerun hears Tad say things like “Mom, you’re my only son.”  WHAT???  I’ve tried fixing this multiple times, reminding him that I’m his only MOM, but he’s NOT my only son, but the oldest son.  Still working on that.  Back to the story.)

Yesterday, we arrived home after Bible study and a grocery run at the same time as one of our next-door neighbors.  She greeted us and Rerun cheerfully responded with, “Hi!  I’m Rerun, and this is my friend Thumper!  We’re the Wright Brothers!”

Clearly, watching “This Is America, Charlie Brown” has had a bigger impact on him than I realized.

What a strange, funny kid.

One Response to “Rerun Speaks: Who Am I?”

  1. Ressis
    November 20th, 2014 10:33

    I think it’s cute when he introduced himself to me over Skype. It makes me wonder how much of me he remembers.