Power Outages and Excuses

Hi!  How is everyone doing?

Well, I’m still here, but it was a heck of a weekend.

Thursday night, a powerful windstorm swept through the area.  We lost power shortly before 11 pm.  Unfortunately, the kids weren’t asleep yet (except for Thumper) because they were too keyed up with swimming lessons and the windy weather.  So when the power went out, they were still awake, and immediately began their freakout.

Tad, especially, does not do well without electricity at night.  He needs the nightlight and the hall light on in order to sleep.  He wants to listen to music.  We managed to leave a flashlight pointing up in the hallway as a “lamp” and had the iPod fully charged, so we tried.  Rerun finally fell asleep around midnight, and then I stubbed my toe on Tad’s head at 12:30 – he’d snuck into our room and was hunkered down by Thumper’s pack & play.

On Friday morning, we still didn’t have power.  The Webmaster let me use his phone as a wi-fi hotspot to check online, while we brought out the battery-operated radio to check on school.  Our district had a two-hour delay, so Rerun (who was up and eating some breakfast) had no preschool as a result.  The older two had plenty of time to sleep in.  Tad woke up around 8, but was able to lie on the couch for a while and watch a movie off the iPad with his brother while Ane slept.  She finally woke up after 9 am and promptly freaked out that she’d missed the bus.  I filled her in, and then….


The kids were thrilled and I managed to scramble eggs for breakfast before they headed off to school… to eat lunch.  Tad had all of an hour and a half at school before I had to pick him up for ABA.  I asked his therapist to talk to him about the power outage, and how Mom and Dad do not run the PUD and we can’t “fix” it when the power goes out.

As for the rest of the weekend?  I had my head down, working on Christmas cards, making cookies, shopping, and generally just trying to keep my sanity.  Not sure if I’m succeeding on that one.

And electricity is a WONDERFUL thing.

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