Nice Weather? GO OUTSIDE!

I don’t know why it requires arm-twisting, when we are having such a streak of nice weather (even unseasonably warm for this time of winter), but while the Webmaster mowed the lawn, I pruned the hydrangea bush, Thumper napped, and Ane was running around with Little Mo (no arm-twisting required there), we finally got Tad and Rerun out on their bikes and outside for a while.

Rerun on his trike

Tad on his bike

After getting warmed up, the two boys were racing down the cul-de-sac against each other.

Preparing to race

Fortunately, they never worry about beating the other person – the race is more about speed than winning.  Which is a good thing, because by virtue of age and bigger wheels, Tad would win every time.

This week is midwinter break for the kids – we have the entire week off of school, and the weather promises to be good for most of it.  My goal is to get them outside in it for part of every day.  Goodness knows, we could all use it!

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