Birthday Lunch!

Since we are putting off Rerun’s actual party until we can celebrate Thumper’s birthday (and Mom only has to clean the house once, and cook one party meal), we went out to Red Robin for lunch on his actual birthday, and took Grandma and Gichan with us.

Excited birthday boy!

He also got to open two presents, which we had wrapped ahead of time and brought to Red Robin with us.

Opening a present from Mom and Dad

We gave him a new book – but one we knew he would love.

Angry Birds Comics!

Rerun also got to open his present from the Major and Q-Bee and his cousins.

Opening another present

Since he loves the movie “Big Hero 6,” they sent him a talking plush Baymax.


He really wanted to get Baymax out of the box right then, but we made him wait until we got home.  We did listen to Baymax “talk” all the way home from inside his box.

Lunch was fun, though we waited a reaaaaalllly long time to get anything, so the kids were really hungry when the food showed up.  Rerun was pleased about being sung to, but not so thrilled with his ice cream sundae.  He is not overly fond of ice cream or other cold desserts.  Ane and Tad took one for the team and polished it off for him.  He got cake later at Friend and Doc’s house, which made up for it.

And now, he has to wait until after Thumper’s birthday to open more presents.  It’s almost a birthday month for him!

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