Facing Forward!

After two years of sitting and staring at the back of a chair, Thumper got a whole new perspective on life – and a new-to-him car seat!

Just like a big kid!

Right before a road trip to visit Nana and Papa, the Webmaster pulled the infant car seat that Thumper has been using for the last two years and replaced it with Rerun’s not-that-old seat (we bought it right before Thumper was born).  It was pretty comical to see Thumper’s head on a swivel as we pulled out of our driveway and headed down the road, as he took in all the sights that he’d always missed before.

"There's a lot to see out there!"

The only downside to moving him up to the next-size car seat is that sleeping isn’t quite as comfy as it was.  When you’re already strapped in and reclining on your back, it’s a normal sleeping position.  Sitting upright and having your neck do the work – not so much.  Still, he is reclined slightly, so it isn’t too strenuous.

And I really like being able to turn, make eye contact, and talk to him.  It’s a whole new world out there, Thumper – have a look at it!

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