Wolverine Gets the All-Clear

So, Rerun had his quick follow-up visit with his ENT yesterday.

She came in, smiled uncertainly, and asked, “Well, how are you surviving?”

I don’t think she was quite prepared for my tale of instant healing and eating chicken nuggets 8 hours after surgery.  Her jaw was on the floor, but she was laughing.

One look at Rerun’s throat, and she pronounced that all was looking good in there, and then asked if we had seen any changes yet.

I told her that the snoring had stopped immediately, and that his stuffed-up sounding voice that he’d acquired post-surgery had also disappeared (that was the swelling from the adenoidectomy finally dissipating), and we’ve noticed that he’s sleeping longer (and I think deeper) unless Tad wakes him up early.  Tad has a very Anna-from-Frozen attitude about getting up in the morning (“The sky’s awake, so I’m awake, so we have to PLAY”).  We’ve been working on getting him to leave Rerun alone in the mornings – after all, the kid just had SURGERY to help him sleep better, so let him sleep!!!

The doctor was of the opinion that it could take a couple of months for the change in sleeping patterns to have an effect on his behavior.  I’m thinking that, and getting back to SCHOOL.

So, yes, Rerun is now officially all better.  And it couldn’t have been an easier or a weirder recovery.

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