Summer Morning at the Zoo!

Our membership is renewed for another year!  Time to enjoy it!  But the advantage of being members means that we can enjoy it for a couple of hours in the morning before it gets too hot, and come back another day.

Thumper and Mommy at the zoo!

Our goal on Saturday was to check out the Malaysian tigers that have a whole brand-new exhibit area at Woodland Park now.  And we got some wonderful views of them!

Tiger heads our way

And walks on by

There are three male tigers, all about a year old and from the same litter, who are now living at the zoo.  The kids do love the big cats, so it will be fun to watch them!

The new exhibit area is also fun and has lots of interactive displays to teach about tiger conservation, as well as being covered and shady with places to sit.

Ane and Thumper check out the tablet

Rerun finds a comfy spot to sit

Spot the toddler!

We also visited some of our favorite spots.

Rerun as George Washington

Feeding ducks at the aviary

Rerun photobombs the panda miniature cow

And then we got out before it got too hot for us AND the animals!  The weather will begin to cool down again this week, so we may be headed back soon!

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