One-Track Mind

For the last few months, Tad has been counting down to the release of LEGO Dimensions.  It’s a new video game, but it’s a game within the building set.  And then you can buy more sets to go along with it, which turns into playable characters within the video game.  It’s a little complicated, but all you really need to know is that LEGO planned on making a lot of money off Tad.

Batman is one of the primary characters, and naturally, Tad wants this game so badly that he has been counting down the months, weeks, and days until it was released.  It finally came out on Sunday.

Now, it is not cheap, so my initial response to him was “we will need to count your leftover birthday money and see if YOU can afford it.”  Tad kept insisting that “I have enough monies!”  Because he was not going to give me any peace until we did, I sat down on Sunday night and went through what was left of his birthday money and gift cards.  You should have seen the satisfied smirk that he gave me and his father when I realized that he DID have enough money to buy the starter pack for the game.

Well, there went that delay tactic.

So now, of course, he wants to go out and buy it immediately.  And he is not letting go or getting distracted by anything else.  “It’s Monday.  What do we do on Monday?  I go to school, then I come home, then we go buy LEGO Dimensions?”

When he got off the bus 15 minutes late yesterday: “Can we go buy LEGO Dimensions?”  (“NO, we are LATE for your sister’s math tutoring session, stop asking me!”)

When I left to meet up with Auntie yesterday after dinner for a birthday manicure: “Are you going to bring home LEGO Dimensions?”

At bedtime: “We will buy LEGO Dimensions tomorrow?”

Curse you, LEGO.  I don’t think I can get out of this.

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