Cross Country Run With Friends

It was time to meet up with Danny and John and go running!  Ane’s school was competing against Danny’s school (which is Tad’s former school) in yesterday’s cross country meet.  So I decided to take Tad out of school a half hour early and take him along to the meet as well.

Ane’s group (the 6th grade girls) ran first, and then Danny’s group (the 6th grade boys).  We ended up staying for the whole meet because we kept running into other people we know and cheering for other kids, plus John was running for fun (he goes to a private school, but has been suiting up and running as a “buddy” for special needs kids who are on the cross country team).  Tad got a little bored once his sister and best friend were done running.

But I did get a pretty good picture of the four kids!

Cross Country Friends

And we get to see them at next week’s big final meet!

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