Thumper Speaks!

I think this is the first of these kind of posts for him!

I was sitting at the computer, when Thumper sauntered up to me.  I greeted him, but I was working on something.  He then climbed into my lap (also something he does quite often), hugged me around the neck, and then sat back to look me in the eye.

I smiled at him.

He gazed at me with his big, long-lashed eyes, and said, “Ice cream.”

And that is how Mommy got played.

Thumper gets a ice cream cone

He gets points for using words to make a request all on his own.  Good thing I had Trader Joe’s mini cones on hand!

One Response to “Thumper Speaks!”

  1. Ressis
    October 16th, 2015 03:54

    Is that how it works in your house? All I need to do is sweetly say “ice cream” and I get a cone?