O Christmas Tree 2015

The tree is FINALLY decorated!  It took all Friday evening, because, well, the kids were involved.

Tad gets started

Each of the kids has a new Christmas ornament hanging on the tree.  Tad was thrilled to get yet another Batmobile (this one from “Batman Forever”)…

Another Batmobile

Ane and Rerun both got Doctor Who ornaments this year, which thrilled them to pieces.  Ane got the glass blown Weeping Angel (who, despite checking, is not moving around the Christmas tree)…

Weeping Angel

While Rerun got the much friendlier and hardier (made of plastic) K-9 ornament.


And Mama knows what Thumper loves.

Thumper's Darth Vader ornament

“Daiyu!” he cried.  (His name for Darth Vader.  It’s too cute and too Japanese-sounding to correct.)

And with the Peanuts Movie out, there were a lot of fun ornament options this year for me.  I decided to get the World War I Flying Ace, complete with sounds.

WWI Flying Ace

The boys like it, too.

Ane worked very hard at placing her ornaments all around the tree.  Tad was too busy playing with his ornaments (hitting all the sound buttons repeatedly – why does he have so many talking/singing ornaments?) to really want to hang them up, and he eventually just gave them to me so that I would do it.  Rerun was learning about placement, height, and weight of ornaments, and decided to get himself a little extra height.

Rerun makes a stool out of pillows

Thumper was just confused on why we weren’t playing with all of these toys.  We’ve had to retrieve a few of the Star Wars ornaments from his grasp more than once – particularly the LEGO ones.

The tree got the star on top early, because the boys insisted it wasn’t complete until there was a star on top, and I wanted them to get to bed.  Then the Webmaster and I finished putting up the rest of the ornaments.

Tree complete!

I also managed to get the stockings hung, but the rest of the decor went on hold for the weekend.  Time to finish that up!

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  1. Nana
    December 7th, 2015 07:25

    Building memories on that tree!