Santa, We Have a Little List

We finally made it to see Santa Claus last night!

Santa Picture 2015

On our way there, Thumper fell asleep.  We had had a very busy day, and I’d meant for him to take a nice long nap in the car, on our way to speech therapy.  That got sabotaged when Tad yelled at me because I was yanking him out of the minivan for speech, and woke Thumper up.  Then all four kids had their biannual dental cleaning after speech, because I’m a fun mom like that.  So by the time dinner was eaten, and we were on our way to see Santa, Thumper was running on maybe 20 minutes of nap, and it just wasn’t enough.  This was the result – a slightly dazed and confused toddler.

Rerun, on the other hand, ran straight to Santa for a huge hug.  “Hi, Santa, Merry Christmas!” he shouted.  Seeing as last year he absolutely balked about sitting in Santa’s lap, this was a marked change!  And since Thumper was just awake enough to not want to sit with a stranger, Rerun gladly sat on Santa’s lap.  And yes, he insisted on the bow tie.  Bow ties are cool, says the Eleventh Doctor.

Yes, that is a Santa shark shirt that Tad is wearing.  I gave it to him just before going off to pictures.  He was thrilled with it!  And who wouldn’t be!  It’s a great white shark wearing a Santa hat!  And Ane is wearing a new sweater and a little makeup.

Ane was able to tell us what the boys told Santa they wanted for Christmas… Tad mentioned Legos and a shark ship (for some reason, he keeps bringing that one up again and again – it was a toy available years ago that we declined to buy because it was HUGE), and games for the Xbox.  Rerun mentioned a “Nerf zombie blaster” – say WHAT???  I think he’s talking about this, but… he already HAS a Nerf gun!  And there are darts all over the house!  *sigh*  Nothing like a little honesty before Santa to hear what they really want.

Thanks for the memories, Santa!  See you next year!

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  1. linda
    December 10th, 2015 10:28

    Hugs to all 4!