And The Storm Blew Through

If there is one thing Tad hates more than anything else, it is power outages.

Last Thursday, we lost power for a couple of hours while a windstorm came through.  Fortunately, Tad was at school, so he wasn’t directly affected.  Then another storm blew through yesterday – bigger and longer and more dramatic.

Our power blinked off at about 3:20 in the afternoon.  Tad was not happy.

A bundle of nerves

We later found out that a tree had blown over and taken out several power lines.  We heard a transformer go boom, just as our power went out.  The lights came on about an hour later, for a whole glorious 8 minutes, and then went out again.  That upset Tad more than anything else.  A few hours later, the lights flickered again, twice.  We learned that several of the power lines were having to be re-strung, and the flickers we were seeing were them being tested.

The Webmaster got the generator going, and we managed to have a warm dinner (with both crock pot and rice cooker plugged into the extension cords running into the house) and a fire going by the time we insisted on sending the kids to bed (they were watching a movie on the iPad).  I had a gut feeling, following the news on Facebook and other places, that school was going to be canceled.  District policy says that school is canceled if more than half the schools in the district don’t have power.

Our power finally came back at 12:30 am this morning, and Tad promptly woke up when it did, but was so disoriented that he was delighted about it this morning – because he didn’t remember waking up.

We got the automated call at 5 am saying that school was canceled.  So, we are staying put today.  But no school is okay, so long as we have power.  Poor Tad.

One Response to “And The Storm Blew Through”

  1. Nana
    March 15th, 2016 07:13

    So sorry. Maybe he gets that from me. When our power would go out in Highland Valley the old farm house would creak in the wind. I hated the dark most of all.