Easter Sunday 2016

Well, the weather wasn’t particularly cooperative or springy, so we had to settle for an indoor picture this year.

Easter 2016

I had bought the boys’ shirts at Gymboree (pretty much the only place where I can get all three of them the same shirt in three different sizes – sorry, Thumper, your hand-me-downs will look very familiar), but Ane has outgrown Gymboree (literally and figuratively), so she picked out her dress at Kohl’s.  It’s a dark teal dress, with a lace top and a chiffon handkerchief skirt.  (No more ruffles or bows for her – though her shoes are sparkly silver.)

It was pouring rain when we got to church, though by the time we left, the sun was out and we got a short break.  When we got home, the kids discovered that the Easter Bunny had arrived for them!

Baskets are full!

I made each kid pose with their basket before I let them dive in.

Rerun and his basket

Thumper and his basket

Tad and his basket

Ane and her basket

They all enjoyed the contents of their baskets, and then we headed off to Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa’s house for Easter brunch.  Tad ate his weight in ham, Rerun ate his fair share of rolls, and Thumper ate enough apples to keep a whole pediatric clinic away.  Then it was time for the egg hunt – eggs provided by Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa, and expertly hidden by Auntie and JW.

When the kids got the the green light, the older three took it seriously.

Tad poses with his eggs

Rerun grabs for an egg

Ane with a basket full

Thumper…. not so much.  I’m thinking that Ane might be ready to hang up her basket, and become her toddler brother’s assistant next year.

Thumper is not sure what the deal is

The older three eagerly opened their eggs, and counted up their coin loot.

Counting coins

However, in such a highly competitive atmosphere, it’s hard when your younger brother beats you by one egg (and let’s not even talk about his sister).  Sometimes, Grandma has to step in to help with the emotional fallout.

Grandma and Tad

Regardless, the kids enjoyed themselves, and then came home to break out their new LEGO Dimensions fun packs to play until bedtime.  Happy Easter, everyone!

One Response to “Easter Sunday 2016”

  1. Nana
    March 28th, 2016 06:55

    Ane looks lovely in her new dress, and I love the boys’ “church shirts” ! Dick, Marc & I had dinner @ Lynda’s. She & I miss coloring eggs, so will have to get together next year for that purpose.