Father-Daughter Date Night

Friday evening was the annual Father-Daughter Dance for elementary students at the high school.  Usually, Ane and the Webmaster look forward to this evening out together.  However, between the Webmaster’s knee surgery (he wasn’t sure he would be able to do any dancing, which he normally does) and Ane just getting older (she didn’t know if any of her friends were planning on going), they opted for a Father-Daughter Date Night instead, and went out for dinner.

They dressed up nicely, too.

Ane and the Webmaster

I should also note that the Webmaster could not stand up completely straight, because he couldn’t put full weight on that knee.  So Ane isn’t really as comparatively tall as she looks in this picture.

Dad and daughter

They enjoyed their time out together.  The boys and I enjoyed chicken nuggets and the Xbox.  It was a win on all sides.  And the Webmaster’s knee didn’t have to go dancing.

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  1. Linda Lansberry
    March 29th, 2016 08:03

    Beauty and Handsome! Memories to Treasure!