Thumper’s Day

After spending most of spring break fighting a truly rotten cold (which actually sent him home an hour early from school on the Friday before spring break), I was curious as to how Thumper would react to being woken up early for school on Monday.

Turns out that there was no need for concern, as he pretty much flung himself into the Webmaster’s car this morning, all excited for what was to come.  When the Webmaster asked, “Thumper, are you ready for school?”, we heard an enthusiastic “YES!”

He was genuinely happy to see me after school, and when I asked him if he’d had fun at school, I got another emphatic “YES.”

Once home, he changed into shorts (because the Seattle area broke temperature records yesterday) and sandals, and then once Rerun was off to school, he ran a couple of errands with me before being compelled to take a nap.  And by “compelled” I mean Mommy took the iPad, that was keeping him awake, out of his hands about 15 minutes from home so he would fall asleep.  Mommy is a crafty, crafty schemer.

The weather was so warm well into the evening, and the neighborhood kids were all on bikes or scooters and playing outside.  The older three really enjoyed that, but Thumper was enjoying bubbles and jumping on the little trampoline in the backyard with me.


He was so cute that I had to dash inside for my camera.  Every time he sees me with a “real” camera in my hands, he runs up to me and says “hewwo” and smiles.

Hewwo again, Mama!

He was so cute, but we finally had to come inside before the bugs started to eat us.

So, if anyone asks if Thumper likes school, the answer is YES.

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