Tad Speaks – Future Goals

While Tad was brushing his teeth two nights ago, he suddenly became inspired to tell me, “Mom, when I grow up, I can be whatever I want to be!”

However, because I am his mother, I intuitively knew where this conversation was headed.  “You can’t be Batman,” I informed him.  I hated to burst his bubble, but we don’t have billions of dollars to give him – or a large manor home with caves underneath.

This clearly threw him for a loop. “Oh.” There was a long pause.  “Maybe I’ll just save Gotham City.”  Then he stopped and asked, “Where is Gotham City? Is it where Rerun takes karate lessons?”

“No, that’s downtown Bothell.”  (Where the tallest building is three stories.  Definitely not a large city skyline.)  “Gotham City is a lot bigger.  Like Seattle, except not Seattle.”  (He knows the Seattle skyline well enough to know that it includes the Space Needle, and Batman has never stood atop the Space Needle in a comic book.)  “Let me know when you find it.”

This conversation was compounded by Ane, who told Tad that if she ever won the lottery, she’d build him a Batcave.

I bet she never buys a lottery ticket, ever – just in case she’d accidentally win.

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