Pitcher’s Duel

Take me out to the ballgame….

First game of the season!

Because despite hideous traffic and barely making it there in time, we got to our first baseball game of the season on Friday!  And it was quite an intense game.  It was a pitcher’s duel, through and through.

Thumper watches the game

The Mariners were no-hit through 5 innings, but that changed when we finally got a solo home run!  And that ended up being our only hit of the game, as well as THE only run of the game!  Because the Mariners managed to beat the Royals 1-0!

It's late and I'm tired

Poor Thumper was so tired at the end of the game (which did run late), that by the time we got home, he was so completely asleep that I managed to change him into pjs and brush his teeth without waking him up.

The older three kids really had a good time!


Ane and Rerun

The best part was winning, of course!

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