Late Start

I’m going to blame extreme disorientation.

Yesterday morning, the Webmaster took Thumper to school, as usual.  This gives me about another half hour before the older two kids need to be waking up and getting ready for school, and I set my alarm to remind myself of that.

Except I fell asleep, overslept the alarm, and woke up 20 minutes before the kids were supposed to be at SCHOOL (the buses were a long-gone lost cause).

Tad was awake, but since he has zero sense of time, he was reading.  Ane was still fast asleep – a common occurrence these days.  Your mother screaming like a madwoman tends to wake children quickly.

And in my mad state, I called the Webmaster and begged for help, because I looked like a drowned rat.

The kids were dressed in record time (Rerun threw a coat and boots on to get in the car, still in his pajamas), grabbed a half a bagel each…

"We're late?"

… and we drove to Ane’s school.  The Webmaster met us there, and drove Tad on to his school.  Ane was only a couple minutes late (and her classroom is right across from the main office, so she even missed a tardy slip), and Tad wasn’t more than ten minutes late to class himself.

Considering the crazy schedules we keep, it’s actually shocking that this is the only time this year that we’ve overslept.

However, everyone is on notice to be getting up when their alarms go off (because CERTAIN PEOPLE are starting junior high next year and need to practice better time management).

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