Dancing Feet

You can tell the end of the school year is coming when the preschool holds its annual carnival!  We usually all go as a family, but this year, I took the boys by myself because we were coming straight from ABA.  So I had the current student (Thumper) and the alumni (Tad and Rerun).

The older two enjoyed a hot dog, popcorn, and other snacks.  Thumper enjoyed the live music, provided by a xylophone band from one of the elementary schools.

And when I say “enjoyed,” I mean we all got to see a spontaneous dance performance by Thumper.

Up on his toes

Eyes on the drums

Bustin' a move

The weather was perfect, the playground was full of kids, and there was free ice cream.  And Thumper got to dance.  It was a great carnival!

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