Thumper’s Last Day

It’s been less than 3 months since he started preschool, but Thumper is sure going to miss it.  Yesterday was his last day for this school year.

Thumper, last day of school 2016

Next year, Thumper is going to be riding the bus – which he already wants to do SO badly, so he is going to be very excited next school year!

Sadly, his teacher, Miss S, is moving to a different school, so he will not have her as a teacher next year.

Thumper and his teachers

Miss S is on the right, and the two paras, Miss M and Mr. B, are on the left.  Ironically, Miss S is going to be taking over the mid-level kindergarten class… at Rerun’s school!  Rerun’s teacher, Mrs. L, has taken a new job in a district closer to her home, so she is leaving and Miss S will be taking her place.  I think she will be a great fit there, because she is a good teacher.  I’ll miss having her as Thumper’s teacher.  So, he will have a new teacher (and probably a new classroom) next year.

But oh, is he going to miss school this summer.  I have lots of things lined up to keep him busy, including ABA and speech, so hopefully we keep him moving forward!

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