Hawaii, Day Six – Independence Day!

This is the biggest party on post, and it was all in walking distance!

First, we got the obligatory shot of the cousins, all together.

Cousins Independence Day 2016

Then we walked over to where the giant carnival/fair/food was all set up – about a 3/4 mile walk from the Major and Q-Bee’s house.  The parents purchased tickets, and the kids were off to the fun!  There were pony rides!

Rerun on the pony

(Rerun got the largest pony to ride, just because it was the next one up, but this resulted in a rather comical moment when Tad’s turn came)

Tad on the pony

(Good thing the boy weighs next to nothing.)

A petting zoo!

Rerun hugs a chicken

(The Major: “That is one weird bird!  And he’s holding a chicken!” *rimshot*)

And big inflatable slides and bouncy houses.  One even looked like a shark!

Tad on the shark slide

Tad on a slide

Thumper jumps

We then walked back to the house, and had an early dinner together.


The Major, as a MP, was part of the security for the day’s events, so he was able to stop off for dinner before heading back to the party.

We eventually packed up and walked back, and waited until dark for the fireworks show!

Waiting for dark!

And boy, was it a show!


The military knows how to blow things up, let me tell you!  That was a fantastic fireworks show, and it was easily 20-25 minutes long.  When it was over, we walked back to the house and got the kids in bed.  The Webmaster and Tad had another early morning ahead of them – a second try on the shark dive!

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