Zoofari Night!

Sometimes, the schedule we keep works to someone’s advantage.  In this case, it was Tad and Thumper’s.

Tuesday is ABA afternoon for them at the Autism Center.  This Tuesday was also Zoofari (member appreciation) night at the zoo.  Well, since we got out of ABA a half hour before the party started, and the zoo was less than 4 miles away…

Otter time!

It felt strange to be there with just two of the kids (sorry, Ane and Rerun), especially when the otters were being so charming.

Talking otters

Tad also went and visited all “his” snakes and turtles and his favorite dwarf crocodile in the reptile house.

Tad looks for snakes

But the highlight of the evening was the fact that all carousel rides were free.  And Tad refused to leave without riding it.  A half an hour in line later, we got our ride!

Tad on the carousel

Tad rode a horse that actually went up and down, but Thumper (his first carousel ride!) rode a stationary horse, with me beside him.

Thumper rides!

I actually love this picture of Thumper on the carousel – the little, subtle smile is just so cute.

Happy rider

The evening was capped off with the discovery of free mini cupcakes near the penguins.  So we ate cupcakes and watched the penguins frolic.

Cupcakes and penguins

Better than a big screen TV.

I’ll have to make it up to Rerun next time we go to the zoo.

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  1. Ressis
    September 14th, 2016 06:27

    Otters are always charming.