Halloween With Obachan

I can’t forget to post these… of course we stopped by to trick-or-treat at Obachan’s!

Ane and Obachan

Yes, it’s official – Ane really is taller than Obachan now.  These two are particularly fond of each other – Ane is named after Obachan, she was her first great-grandchild, and they have spent a lot of time together over the years.

The boys were pretty compliant when it came to sitting down for a picture.  Obachan had no idea what they were dressed as, but she was happy enough to go along with it.

Obachan and the Doctor Who crew

This was our last stop on the trick-or-treat circuit, and then we took the kids for the best treat of the night – pizza!  (Begging for candy is hard work.)  Their parents opted to share a pad Thai carryout from the place next to the pizza.  That was our treat for all our hard work.  And another Halloween came to a close.

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