A Little Star Wars On The Side

The one difficulty with a Doctor Who cosplay Halloween is that unless you either know the franchise, or see the costumes all together as a group, they really don’t resonate individually.

So while Tad and Rerun wore their Doctor Who T-shirts to school on Monday (mostly because neither of their classes was having a costume party), both Ane and Thumper were encouraged to either dress up (Ane, because the junior high was having a costume competition at lunch) or bring a costume to change into (Thumper, for his class party).  Fortunately, it was Star Wars to the rescue!

Ane wore the cosplay dress that she got at this year’s PAX.

Jedi cosplay

The top of her dress can be turned into a hood – and the pattern is the Rebel Alliance crescent, if you can’t see it properly.  She had worn it earlier to youth group, along with her lightsaber, but we decided it was smarter to leave the lightsaber at home for a school day.

Thumper, though he won’t keep a mask on, happily wore his Darth Vader costume hoodie (complete with cape) at school.

Thumper as Darth Vader

He wasn’t the only kid in his class who went with Star Wars, either – one boy wore his BB-8 pajamas as a costume.

I got to attend Thumper’s class for their Halloween party snack and free choice playtime, and then go with them to music.  Thumper loved having me there, and I got to chat with his teachers.  The only downside was at the end of the day, when I wouldn’t let him get on the bus to go home – after all, I was right there!  He was not happy with me.  I am glad he likes riding the bus, but really, kid.

(Yes, a Star Wars group costume is under serious consideration for next year.)

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