Snow Day – No School!

On Friday, the kids woke up to three inches of snow and a day off of school!  The boys barely stopped to eat breakfast, but I insisted that they had to.  Mostly because I had to scrounge up enough cold weather/water resistant gear to send them outside.

Eventually, the boys had coats, hats, boots, scarves and mittens on – and out they went!

Thumper in the snow

The boys

(Of COURSE the slightly blurry picture is the best one.)

A snowball fight broke out – mostly because Tad was just so anxious to have one.

snowball fight

Rerun tried to defend himself, but Tad was quick and determined.  After being scolded for ambush attacking his brother… again… he finally let Rerun take a shot at him.


It missed, but Tad fell down anyway, much to Rerun’s amusement.

Down and out

Which turned into the perfect opportunity for a snow angel.

Snow angel time

Or is that a snow Batman?

Ane, after missing the initial hoopla, finally got dressed and came outside.  She also did her makeup, because, and I quote, “I knew you would be taking pictures.”

Snow buddies

The kids enjoyed their winter wonderland for the morning, and then it started to melt off pretty rapidly in the afternoon when the rain began.  We had had a pretty strong cold streak earlier in the week, which brought on this snow when the clouds reappeared again, but it all washed away without becoming too much trouble on the roads.

Only this week of school left, and then the kids are on vacation!

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